Thursday, 3 May 2012

Mama, I'll always love you :)

I wrote a poem for my mother during the ELE class with Mdm Haiza before. I know it wasn't a good poem, but what's the most important thing is it was all sincere. I put so much effort on it and I used to feel the way I feel it. And yes, I'm satisfied.

A friend she is,
Accompanied me in need,
A teacher she is,
Encouraged me to succeed,
A woman she is,
Taught me a good deed,
Through hurdles and all be,
She's always be pleased,
A mother and yet she is,
Will never be replaced.

Happy Birthday and Happy Mother's day, Mama.

p/s: Ahead of time, sorry :)

Wanna go home :(

Hi. Long time no see, huh? :) I wasn't that free back in time, when we were all busy organizing that freaking little thing Kejohanan Balapan & Padang and getting ready for our UAK. Seriously, I couldn't even find my leisure time to sit back and relax, watching movie and doing nothing. Haha. Silly me. It wasn't a holiday to sit like a 'bibik' and act like one. 

Come over tasks, one after another, all I want now is only my home sweet home. :( Ignore those two times in a row I went to KL cause the environment there and Kelantan will never be the same. I miss my Abah, Mama and cheeky not-so-little Bucip. I miss my room, my bed, my teddy bear, my village and the scenery after all. Nothing precious compared to those I stated before. Hihi. Ouh yes, being the one and only daughter is always a pure joy for me. In terms of what I want and what I like won't make Bucip jealous, I can always ask Mama for any delicious dishes once I arrived home ! Hooray! Besides, Abah and mama's birthday is on 4 and 5 May which will be tomorrow and a day after tomorrow, and yet, I still have nothing in my mind what to give them as a present. *Sigh. I've given both mama and abah shirt as a present last year so I don't think I will repeat the same one for this year. Perfume is a good idea though but they already have one. 'Kain pasang' will be a great deal too in case we weren't in Vietnam before but now I think it useless. They never ask me for any present but as a daughter myself, I couldn't resist to buy them something special as a symbol of appreciation. I owe them much. Really much I must say. And I don't think a simple but meaningful present is hard enough to show my love towards them. Auuwww I know I sound cheeky but who cares? My parents mean a bunch of love for me :) 

I really, really, really wanna go home like if Melaka-Kelantan is just a stone throw away, I wouldn't give a damn walking my way home. Hyperbole isn't it? Forgive me as I was writing in a non-stable emotion. I miss my mom's cooking and I miss everything. I just gonna wish that the final exam will come out fast and this creepy month will not hold me tight. All I want now is simply goodbye for IPG and be sound and safe, there at home.

p/s: Forgive me cause my English sucks. I threw all my writing skill I learnt before once I killed the tesl foundation. And now I have to polish it back for our final paper ELE. Screw me, urghhhh !

Monday, 26 March 2012

SBE Experience to share with

It was my third School Based Experience and I could say that it was totally awesome. The teachers are good, the headmaster do treat us well and the pupils there give me such a thousand reasons to smile. I still remember, my last day at school was very hectic. There were not enough teachers to handle the classes so we were given a big responsibility to replace them. Well, I have to say that it was seriously hectic. Just imagined how we replaced those classes starting on 9.15 a.m till 12.45 p.m with no recess at all. We were all tired of course but there was something that put me in a refresh mind. I was in charged in 1 Sejahtera, the last class for Standard 1 and I entered the class for almost three periods. On the first period, I asked them to draw. They were freely drawing when suddenly a student called me and told me that the boy beside her took her drawing paper and run away. I scolded him for no concrete reason and he sat down quietly. On the third period, I came again and asked them to do the exercise on Mathematics. While I was busily teaching them how to convert words into numbers, the same student who called me up in the first period, used to call me again. She said that the boy I scolded before did no job. So I went to his place and asked him why. Another student then joined me and told me that he couldn’t write. I was touched. It was my fault after all not to ask him what the problem is but scolded him for no concrete reason. I gave him a big smile, as a symbol of sorry and asked him whether he knew how to write ABC. He just sat there quietly. I took an initiative by holding his hand and told him to write A while guiding him. I guided him till the word H and asked him to continue practicing writing at home. I was sad. It was my last day at school and I just noticed him and I could do nothing to help him.How I wish that the student will overcome his problem and may the teachers guide him. He needs to be treated like the others too, just so you know, teachers.Sk Dato' Abdul Hamid 2 will always be in my mind. And that special student too. May Allah bless him. Amin.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Hello Vietnam

Hi. My family and I went to Vietnam last school holiday for a family trip. It was absolutely awesome and we got to spend so much times with each other, something good for our family bond. Well, it was actually planned last year and I was in charged for the trip arrangement. Hihi. We went there on Monday and back to Malaysia on Friday. I should say that Vietnam is truly Asian. Superb for it's shopping's heaven, unique with thousand of motorcyclists with a few cars only on road. Something we couldn't see here in Malaysia. Vietnam is not very clean as the air pollution is high there but we do enjoy our trip there. The Vietnamese is kinda friendly but you have to beware as they used to cheat too. Vietnam used Dollar as it's main currency before but nowadays, they only accept dong for any business involved. Nothing much to say, I just can say that among the ASEAN countries, I do love Vietnam more. :)

Here's some not-so-good pictures I do have:

Vietnam's scenery

Shopping's heaven :)

Bro in Chu Chi tunnel



Enjoyable trip I must say. And ehem, I found someone handsome there, age 22 and tough though. Hihi. Gonna be there again, Insya Allah :)

Friday, 9 March 2012


Hi. It wasn't that late to say Happy Holiday and have a great experiencing PBS for everyone, was I? :) Happy holiday and do have a nice PBS, classmates and everyone who's reading this (even if they are not in a holiday mode. haha) . I'm gonna be away for 5 days for a short hols in somewhere over the sea. Will tell you every inches of experiences I got very soon. Pray that it will be a safe journey though :)

p/s: I've got a new cousin last February! Zayyan Khazim, hello baby boy :) Meet your 21-years-older-than-you cousin ever <3

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Friends are precious.

Hi. It has been a long time since I wrote a single entry. Miss me? :) Well, I have nothing to write about actually but a word "FRIEND" popped into my head just now. Friends, for what you yourself define friend is? Frankly speaking, I don't have a lot of friends since my school years. I don't have many doesn't mean I don't have any. I have a few special friends that are precious enough for me. Precious, for they are someone valuable, more than any friends are. And they are:

1. Nik Nasuha
One of my best friends ever. We met in secondary school, when both of us were in Form 2. Sarcastic she is, humble, the best listener, someone who I can share my thoughts and gossiping with, cute in her own way and I love her for who she is. :)

2. Wan Noraisyah
Petite, we got to know each other back in 2007 when I entered mrsm Qber. Same class, shares a lot of interests. Best friend, called me buyas for something I know :), loves me and I love her too. 

3. Hanisah
Best friend. Same goes to Hanisah, I got to know her in Qber. Called me buy buy, aley and anything she thinks capable with, the best gossip girl ever, a great mate for a pillow talk, her secrets are mine, my secrets are hers. :)

4. Wan Nurhidayah
Just to make it short. Hanisah, Aisyah, Dayah, Nik, Raihan and Shahrul are my schoolmates back in Qber. I called her day day, cute and unique. Unique, for the expressions she made. Easy going, best friend, know me well, speak out her mind and I love her.

5. Nik Hamirah
I love her for she's such a mother. A mother who is gently asked her children to get well soon when they are sicked, take a good care of them. She's a good friend though. A good listener to be exact. 

6. Wan Raihan
A doctor to be. A friend forever. Funny, happy go luck but when she gets into a serious mode, I should say that it was horribly terrified. But I love her. I love her for her true self. She laughs when she thinks it funny and she scolds me when she thinks it's my fault. And she knows, a friend in need is a friend indeed.

7. Shahrul Zaman
Told ya, I have a few friends and a few boy friends though. One of my best friends. Helpful, strict, handsome for sure, a good partner in any impromptu events, ex con but he's good, and knows the best solutions for every problems. No wonder I seeked for his help when I lost in KB. hihi.

8. Fatin Nadzirah
Tell me why should I ignore her when she is the most loyal best friends ever? We get to know each other since I was in Standard one, back in 1998. And we became what people called as BFF since I was in Form 1. Long enough huh? :) I love her, for she's always there when I was in hurdles, hard to make any decisions and support me in everything I've done. Now tell me why can't I say, I love her forever?

9. Wan Muhammad Syarifuddin
A best friend, used to be an enemy before, his English is seriously superb, a fashion disaster I must say haha, help me when I am in need, gimme an idea even if his was bad at all, know me well since 2005. 

See? I'm not that friendly and I don't approach strangers nicely. I used to be me and I be friends with some people ONLY. To be good to someone is so not me, but once I be good, I'll make sure that I'll be the best friend ever. InsyaAllah :)

Friday, 24 February 2012

Seoul Garden :)

Hi. It's almost a week since I updated my last entry. Sorry. I am currently as busy as a bee working on so much assignments within few weeks to be submitted. Sigh. Stress, yeah I am so here we went: SEOUL GARDEN. Seoul Garden, for everything in there are based on Korean's fooood ! Yummeyh. No worries, it's HALAL and JAKIM proves it trues. It is a buffet style where you have to pay only RM33 for every single little food in there. I repeat, EVERYTHING. We were sitting there, eating and chit chatting for almost 4 hours and it's worth enough for me. You can try on bulgogi, kimchi, dumpling, samgyupsal and many more. Okay, let me show you the food, the interior and us, of course. Hihi :)

You can take as much as you want but you have to finish it all or else, you'll have to pay RM5 for every 100gm of waste food. 

Don't you find these as yummeyh?

Second round

Ana and Syima were not that tempting. Those food are more tempting. :)

It worth your try. Go and get yourself a buffet of Korean food. We have tried them, how about you?